Monday, August 11, 2008

Our weekend craftiness!!

This weekend I made Elizabeth some bows, a tee shirt and a tutu.

Here is the whole outfit:

Some of the bows

Close up of the shirt

Little cutie!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Elizabeth, meet solid food . . .

Izzy Boo's first encounter with "solid" food. You would have thought we were poisoning the poor child.

Oh the anticipation!!

Oh . . . what have you put in my mouth?!?

Yes, she is slightly dramatic.

Elizabeth is 7 months old!!

Where has the time gone?!? I can't believe my baby is already 7 months old. The past month has been a busy one for little Izzy Boo. She started crawling, is able to get herself into a sitting position, is pulling up on everything in site, and started "solid" food. There was no doctor's appt. this month so no new stats.

Here is my big, big girl!!

Showing off her crawling skills!

With her buddy Cam at the gym.

In her chair, with my measuring tape.